Music video’s now have been around for the most part since the mid 1980’s with the advent of MTV. However until now there really hasn’t been a way of playing these video’s in a way that means the tracks can be mixed. That was until Pioneer launched their new Pioneer SVM1000 video and sound mixer all in one.

Newdecade are the proud owners of this top of range mixing technology which enables us to mix, scratch, and fade video into one another like you would normally expect from a DJ with an audio track. What we do is essentially the same but with videos mixed simultaneously with the sound to create an electric atmosphere.

Our video disco broadcasts simultaneously on two large 50″ screens with the screen either side of the DJ deck. Why not surprise your guests with video clips from those who couldn’t make it or clips from your childhood etc. The possibilities are endless.

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    2 x Mackie HD 1531 Active 3 way speakers (www.mackie.com)
    2 x Mackie HD 1801 active subwoofers (www.mackie.com)
    2 x Pioneer DJV 1000 cd/dvd players (www.pioneerdj.com)
    1 x Pioneer DJM1000 audio visual mixer (www.pioneerdj.com)
    1 x Pioneer DDJ-S1, dj controller and Apple laptop (www.pioneerdj.com)
    2 x Shure SLX Radio Mics

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    3 x 50” Panasonic Plasma Screens on Unicol Stands
    1 x Video DJ Booth incorporating 1 x 50” Plasma Screen

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    2 x Martin Ego 3 Lighting Effects 250 (www.martin.dk)
    4 x Martin Mac 250 Krypton Moving Head Intelligent Lights (www.martin.dk)
    1 x Martin Light Jockey Software (www.martin.dk)
    1 x LED Vision Star Cloth 6 Metres by 3 Metres (www.madeffects.co.uk)
    4 x Truss towers 6 feet tall, with built in led mood lighting, covered in a white scrim.

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    2 x large Silk Flame Effects 3 Metres Tall (www.starcloth.co.uk)
    2 x LED Aircones 3 Metres Tall (www.showtec.com )
    1 x Equinox Hydra Laser 350mw (Multicoloured) (www.prolight.co.uk)
    1 x Laser UK Graphic 300 mw Blue/Green Laser (www.laseruk.co.uk)
    1 x Large Mirror Ball

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    1 x Dj Dressed in Black Tie or as Requested
    1x Lighting Technician

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